Condolence & Memory Journal

Kirman was an amazing guy with "Yankee ingenuity" and great sense of humor. He had some funny expressions I still credit him for when I use. When he needed something like a log splitter or wagon he would just weld and build it. He was a legend at Cannon Mountain where I grew up. Mostly, he was a guy that would do anything for anybody. He was a great neighbor to my elderly parents and that was a huge comfort to our whole family. Edda and Kirm seemed to have that charmed life together. Condolences to his family, you're all in our prayers.

Posted by Steve Lawrence - Westborough, MA - Family Friend   November 18, 2019

Our condolences to all his family ! we are so sorry for your loss and we know he will be greatly missed by all those who knew him. He is now with his brothers in heaven !

Posted by Bucky & Sandra Gould - Mesa, AZ - Family Friend   July 19, 2019

I first met Kirman when I was 5 or 6. Some kids might idolize superman. Kirm was the man. He ran the cats. Flew tractors under a tram to build a new tram. Some days he would call his truck a skidder other days it was different. All stuff he built himself. You could show up at his "office" and his truck would be configured differently every time. He gave me snow cat merchandise (hats , belt buckles etc.) Pretty cool when when your a little kid. I'd bust on him to have my race course groomed because I had a race the next day.
He had a great sense of humor. I still remember the hill billy wallet.
I damn near cried when I saw him wreck a Bully on Zoomer. He survived. One of the few operators that could run a cat before they invented a winch cat.
Cannon would not have been without Kirman.

Kirman I'll miss the office time time at the village house and the dutch treat. You're the man! God speed my friend.

Joe Hannon

Posted by Joe Hannon - Rindge, NH - Friend   July 19, 2019

Hi Kirman, this is your youngest sister in Arizona. I have many fond memories of you from my younger years, as I have not lived close to you in many years. I recall you saving me on Cannon Mtn, as I got my skis caught in a tree and you came along on your snowcat. I still have a letter you wrote me when you were overseas. You walked me down the aisle when I got married 52 years ago. Will always love you and hope to see you on the other side. With love, Gail

Posted by Gail Rogers - Concho, AZ - Sister   July 17, 2019

We moved to the Bethlehem area four years ago, and joined the Methodist Church where Kirman's wife Edda is the music director. They invited us to one of their parties, and we got to know Kirman as a kind friend. My grandfather was a tool and die maker, and I spent many summers and school vacations working with him in his shop. Walking into Kirman's shop took me back to my youth and great memories of working with my grandfather. Kirman's 40 years of work on Cannon Mountain has touched the lives of many local residents, and vacationing visitors. He loved to laugh, and had a great sense of humor that won him many close friends. Our prayers go out to Kirman and Edda, their families and dear friends.
Terry and Joni Martin

Posted by Terry and Joni Martin - Bethlehem, NH - Friend   July 15, 2019