Condolence & Memory Journal

David Monahan is an indelible part of my childhood and my early and middle years. We were fast friends, tightly bonded. We shared our secrets, our desires, and our troubles with each other. I choose to remember David and I as kids, cresting the second hill on Elm Street, and watching as Skippy, David's dog streaked to the two of us, and how David rewarded him with hugs. I choose to remember so many times when we, dressed in our best clothes and headed up the field behind David's home, to a high school dance. We would shovel the "patties' that David's grandfather's donkey had left, into the scuttle, stepping gingerly as we snuck a cigarette or two. And later on, when I was at college, and David sent a letter with one sentence to me. "Get me a ticket; I'll be there," and we, together watched our idols, The Kingston Trio play songs we had internalized and memorized. How many years did we plot and plan our escapades in David's room listening to "them cultured 'billies." And of course, our overnighters as Boy Scouts, and one memorable night at David's father's camp, nestled in the middle of some white pines--"the boys" assembled for some serious telling of tales, and adventures. And finally, how appropriate the photograph above is--how it shows David's love of the natural world. So many times, he and I fished The Carroll Stream, or walked the tracks out of town to fish on the river than runs through it--when David reached to take off some "crud" on the hook, only to grab onto an eel that wound around his arm, and scared us both senseless, and then, after we'd calmed down, that high pitched laugh that came from deep inside him. I choose to remember David with those and so many other memories. Rest in peace David and thank you for your friendship.

Posted by George Kelly - Concord, NH - Family Friend   March 31, 2020

I am so sorry to hear of his passing, I knew of him in school but more so from Morrison and how he was respected at loved by many . For his daughters know that he gave so much of himself for the Whitefield Community, he was a very special person !

Posted by Sandra Gould - Mesa, AZ   March 24, 2020

R.I.P. Dave

Posted by Larry Dubreuil - Meadview, AZ - Acquaintance   March 24, 2020

Thoughts and prayers go out to Davids family. He was a wonderful person and truely will be missed.

Posted by Nancy Robinson - Lancaster, NH - Friend   March 24, 2020

David was a dear friend for many years...Even though we had lost contact with him we spoke of him often, recalling memories of a dear friend and classmate. RIP dear friend and thank you to 2 wonderful daughters who watched over you and supported you in your declining years.

Posted by Bob and Jean Bergin - Whitefield, NH - Friend   March 24, 2020